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T.A.G. Tech Blog

Site update

Monday April 20th 2015 01:14:34 am

A few fixes
Version 0.1.1

  • Regions

    • Restart button enabled for sim owners

  • Currency

    • More prim name should now show.

  • Various changes for the founders

I bet noone.

Saturday March 28th 2015 11:46:52 pm

Reads this.

Testing will begin soon on the next TAG version

Wednesday March 25th 2015 11:12:39 pm

Not sure of the exact date. But soon.

News Blog complete.

Monday March 16th 2015 12:26:22 am

The news blog is now complete. Check for posts from the staff there. At this time. Its just me talking to myself. It will be used for news about the beta grid. News for the main grid. Will be put in the same location. But on the main grid.
Take a look

News Blog coming soon.

Sunday March 15th 2015 11:34:11 pm

I will be adding the News blog shortly.

Third Post

Sunday March 15th 2015 11:31:40 pm

This is the third post to test the blog.
First post made from the UI.
This should be the third line of the post.
And this the fourth.

Second Post

Sunday March 15th 2015 03:00:12 am

Another post to use for testing.

First Post

Sunday March 15th 2015 02:50:12 am

This post is to open the tech blog. Here i will send out infomation.